After an error is pointed out…

…the New Republic corrects its Zimmerman piece in a way that preserves its misleadingness. [Michelle Meyer, Faculty Lounge]

P.S. Before proceeding to scrub the error entirely after it had begun to attract widespread attention. [Meyer update] Latest, and presumably last, update: TNR has now added a correction that does address the three points and regrets the error. [Adler]


  • It would really help if non “extreme” sites would try to dispel the myths around the Zimmerman case.

    The more facts I read about the case, especially the first-hand materials obtained from FOIA requests for information introduced as evidence at the trial, the facts about Mr. Zimmerman in the past like his efforts to help Sherman Ware, etc, the more horrified I become.

    The African American community, and our Government, from the President on down, has maliciously and intentionally tried to harm George Zimmerman in a manner that is unprecedented. Mr. Martin’s parents–who by any definition are bad parents–have been invited to speak before Congress! Disgusting and inappropriate.

  • […] Cathy Young arraigns the press for “an ideology-based, media-driven false narrative that has distorted a tragedy into a racist outrage.” Bob Somerby at Daily Howler has been documenting chapter and verse for some time, including this reminder of how the New York Times early on, taking dictation from Martin family lawyers, popularized a super-inflammatory “two-shot, cold blood” narrative that influenced public perceptions. Much of this is already familiar to readers of Overlawyered coverage including posts discussing media handling of the case here, here, here, here, and here. […]