• I sometimes disagree with him, but rate Joe Nocera as the NYT Op-Ed page’s “thinking man’s liberal.” For the other sort, do a search against “Nicholas Kristof.”

  • What we are learning–from this, from Paula Deen, from any number of politicians, from childrens’-product manufacturers–is that apologizing is over. Don’t even bother trying. Apologies are meaningless at best, and might even be legally-binding admissions of guilt.

    So just don’t bother. If someone has a problem, you’ll see them in court, and the court will decide how to make it right. Don’t try to fix it, don’t try to solve the problem, don’t say you’re sorry or explain what happened. Let the lawsuit take place and the Impersonal Impartial Law will determine how many dollars’ worth of screwup there was.

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