“Elderly man who picked dandelions for food gets $75 ticket”

No food gathering is allowed in the Chicago-area Cook County Forest Preserve, and that extends to dandelions. A spokeswoman does not exactly argue that America is at risk of running out of the notoriously prolific wind-borne weed, but says foraging might take food away from animal or insect species that might otherwise eat the yellow-topped invaders, besides which “some native plants resemble dandelions and could be mistaken for them.” [ABA Journal]


  • This seems like an unremarkably appropriate execution of a valid law, although I prefer warnings for oblivious first-time infractors.

  • really? the parks were set aside for people too, not just the animals and I see nothing wrong with grazing as you hike, not necessairly grabbing basketfuls. but an occassional nibble isn’t harming anyone if it is a common plant and you cannot mistaken dandelions, unless you never had a yard before, this is silly. I thought the people owned the parks soI guess we get to pay for stuff but not get to use it. people have as much right to eat when hungry as animals who do not pay anything. not saying they should go out and start picking flowers and such but eating a dandelion or berries or fruit you find along the way (I guess you would have to be very hungry to eat some of the stuff in thewoods)I see nothing wrong with that.