Exit Mr. Kruidbos

State’s attorney Angela Corey fires the IT director who testified critically regarding the state’s non-sharing of evidence with George Zimmerman’s counsel. [Florida Times-Union] And Jacob Sullum’s latest: “Prosecutor Says George Zimmerman Is Guilty No Matter What Happened in His Fight With Trayvon Martin” [Reason]


  • Should he get convicted, this IT guy alone is grounds for appeal, isn’t he?

  • Even with Zimmerman’s acquittal, this case may not be over.

  • During the post-acquittal press conference last night, Ms. Corey talked for 15 minutes about how this case was about seeking the “truth.” When her own IT guy finds a whole pile of “truth”, she fires him.
    That tells you all you needed to know about this prosecution.

  • The Jacob Sullum article in Reason was terrific. Thanks for passing it along.

    I am dismayed that Jeff Tobin from CNN reiterated a highly charged falsehood after the acquittal of Zimmerman last night – that Martin was just returning home from the store. The store was 1/2 mile from where Martin was staying. That is a 10 minute walk for an average person. Martin was doing something more than going home during the extra half hour from the time line.

    Zimmerman says that he saw Martin looking into houses. Zimmerman’s concern was not an assumption about a black kid or a hoodie. It was a concern that Martin was looking for a place to burgle. For the life of me, I can not come up with an alternative explanation of Martin walking around in the dark and rain. The THC in Martin’s blood steam showed he was not smoking a joint and there was no mention of cigarettes. And he wasn’t walking a dog.

    The Zimmerman case was brought for political reasons. That makes me very sad. To Zimmerman’s good fortune, somebody kept the verdict from being unlawful. But the risk of jury stupidity was not zero for this open and shut case of self defense. Judge Nelson should have tossed the case after the prosecution rested.

    Speaking of Mr. Day’s closing argument: How would Martin have reacted if he was told that he was going to be scarred to death by a short, fat, creepy ass cracker? Anyone suggesting that would have been punched in the nose, and rightly so.

  • Based on evidence that was so anemic/non existent that the original prosecutor AND the police chief refused to bring charges, AND the hideous presentation made by a prosecutor brought in special for this case (see above), I don’t see how the jury could have made any other decision.

    Most of what we learned was from the press: “Stand Your Ground” – a law that negates an incorrect law that is not even relevant to this case, but howled from the front pages like it was justification for Federal oversight of Florida.

    Pictures of Martin when he was (admittedly) a darn nice looking kid. In the entire fracas, I did not see one picture of Martin at current age that wasn’t “unlabelled” so you could misunderstand.

    Profiling: 100% legal. Had nothing to do w the case.

    Following Martin: 100% legal. Had nothing to do w the case.

    MSNBC “Editing” the 911 calls to completely Dowdify Zimmerman? Now there is a pretty good justification for lynch law.

    Federal gov coming in to support race riots? Ditto.

    Al Sharpton: No explanation necessary.

    No claims of racism for all the blacks who kill blacks, whites, orientals? No claims of racism when most whites, orientals, etc. kill blacks? What was special about this case except media coverage?

    Any one else got some good dirt?

  • Angela Corey seems to be trying to outdo Mike Nifong.

  • Last night, on Huckabee’s show, Prof Alan Dershowitz called for Corey’s investigation and disbarment. Fox News on Sunday night is an interesting forum choice for the Prof – one likely to pique interest by a group of voters the Fla public officials cannot ignore.

  • I’m a criminal defense attorney outraged by what happened to Zimmerman. But a lot of other criminal defense attorneys I know are all for “Justice for Trayvon.” Which is this year’s way of saying “I have black friends.” It disgusts me.

  • It would be interesting to know the incidence of crime in this neighborhood AFTER the demise of Martin.