• Congress should impeach Judge Carl J. Barbier as an accomplice in corruption. While they’re at it, they should make a clean sweep of the Eastern District of Texas, notorious lair of patent trolls.

  • I live in north Louisiana, about 600 miles from the Gulf. Many business owners that I know have applied for this money, even though they don’t do business on the coast, all they have is a Louisiana address. Then you have to consider that the actual spill did very little real damage, it was gone within a few months. The damage came and continues to come from Obama. He has shut down petroleum activity in the area despite the fact that the courts told him otherwise. I know a number of people that work rigs in the Gulf and they are indicating that rigs are moving to other parts of the world. Consider that in WWII, there was more oil dumped into the Gulf as a consequence of torpedoed tankers than could ever have been released by this well and there was no consequence. Also, I used to work off shore out of Louisiana and can assure you that a bunch of oil would never, ever hurt that region. It is a dump.