July 18 roundup

  • “This is just stunning. DOJ is soliciting tips from the public in order to build a case against a single citizen.” [@radleybalko, William Jacobson, @andrewmgrossman] Apparently, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has the power to remove prosecutor Angela Corey from office, and her post-verdict description of Zimmerman as “murderer” is the sort of unprofessionalism that might advance that day [Ian Tuttle with much more about her career, earlier] Ken doesn’t hold back from telling us what he thinks of Nancy Grace [Popehat, earlier]
  • Washington Post covers USDA mandate of disaster plan for magicians’ rabbits [Lowering the Bar, David Fahrenthold/WaPo, earlier]
  • “Joel Tenenbaum’s $675,000 Music Downloading Fine Upheld” [AP]
  • “Hey look, an actual Third Amendment case” may be premature regarding this Nevada dispute, especially if we’re not sure cops = soldiery [Ilya Somin]
  • “Why The State Attorneys General’s Assault On Internet Immunity Is A Terrible Idea” [Eric Goldman, Forbes]
  • Connecticut: “Supreme Court Upholds $2.9 Million Award For Injured Bicyclist” [Courant]
  • The ABA’s annual Blawg 100 nominations are now open, in case, you know, (nudge)


  • Re DoJ hotline and email tip site on Zimmerman: When experienced FBI criminal investigators cannot find any evidence, rely on rumor, hearsay and gossip.

  • If Saturday Night Live was around, I would have enjoyed seeing them do her press conference after the verdict when she declared victory and kept grabbing the mic for more.

    But… the idea of firing a prosecutor for saying something like that after the battle they just had is ridiculous. Let’s loosen up a bit and not have standards for our friends and standards for our foes.

  • A ‘battle’ eh. I wonder if seeing this process of justice as a battle is how we have ended up with Prosecutors like this.

  • Cops not equal to soldiers? I don’t know….anyone ever seen a SWAT team go into a house after a low level pot dealer? Kind of looks like a squad of infantry clearing a bunker or trench – weaponry is about the same, body armor is about the same, tactics are about the same. About the only difference is the grenades are toned down slightly – flash bang versus fragmentation – that means they have a ~1/2 meter kill radius (by blast, if they happen to toss it onto the bed or couch near your head where you’re asleep) instead of 10 meter or so radius with the frags. Of course, the cops will slaughter your dog with their dum dum bullets (hollow points, to use the technical non-inflammatory name for expanding bullets) while a real soldier is only allowed to use full jacketed, non-expanding bullets.

    If it quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, waddles like a duck, it is probably a duck.