Not so overlawyered: “Asiana won’t sue KTVU for mistake”

The airline has “dropped its threat to sue a local TV station” after a much-forwarded on-air gaffe [Will Kane, SFGate; Erik Wemple, WaPo (calling threat “idiotic”)]

More: meanwhile, the TV station appears to be using copyright takedowns to get the offending video removed from YouTube [Matthew Keys]


  • Even if they did collect a judgement from a jury of “strict liabilty” fanatics, I could hardly imagine it being enough to compensate for the negative advertising of a public trial just when potential customers had begun to forget about the accident.

    Now maybe some enterprising attorney can sue the NTSB for back wages for the fired intern.

    Will the radio newsroom have to take remedial training on recognizing the difference between fake Cantonese names and fake Korean names?

  • “Y’now what? Let’s NOT jump into that sewer, what say?”

  • A decision NOT to sue someone is big news. I guess that is the very definition of Overlawyered

  • Maybe the TV station should hire Rosie O’Donnell to do racial sensitivity training.

  • While this defamed Koreans in particular and orientals in general, lawsuits should not be the way to correct it. Also, flying one of the best airliners in the world into the ground has much more to do with damaging the reputation of an airline than silly made-up names.