• No! I’m shocked, SHOCKED! to learn that a “psychic reader” would engage in fraud!

  • Anyone stupid enough to believe in astrology or psychics, quite frankly, deserves to lose their money. Government has more important things to do (eg securing the border) than to protect people from their own stupidity

  • I wonder if the Psychic could see it coming? Did she hire a lawyer the day she “lifted” the curse?

  • Totally legit. The two made a contract, and the psychic broke her end of the deal.

  • Due to my grandmother’s legacy, I am very qualified to provide expert testimony on the standard of care for psychics. I require a retainer of $10,000 up front, non-refundable, for research and $750 per hour to testify. First class air-fare, etc, of course. Contact me via hexmail.

  • The curse on her love life plaintiff alleges wasn’t lifted is that she still has the same boyfriend. Instead of a Psychic she might have thought of trying a personals ad – then, when it’s printed, circle it in red and pin it to the pillow.