• Got a love Patrick; he really tells it like it is as they used to say. You can see the steam rising from his head as you read his post. Thanks for the link. By the way the liberties taken on TV shows with the law are a joke in many cases, so we can’t really go with that but I am sure the public believes this stuff.

  • It is amazing the mis-information in this case.

    (And it’s possible to think that Mr. Zimmerman is an idiot–as I do–while simultaneously believing that he should be acquitted of second degree murder charges, assuming the material the defense has released to the public is accurate.)

  • Robert’s comment about Mr. Zimmerman being an idiot is not justified at all.

    “I know that Zimmerman punched Martin because Martin did not say good bye to me first.” That’s idiotic.

    Knowing that Zimmerman knows the police have Zimmerman’s name, telephone number, general location and description of his vehicle and that the police are on the way, Professor Ogletree none the less puts forth the proposition that Zimmerman went out to murder Martin. That is Harvard level idiotic on Ogletree’s part.

    Knowing that one guy is beating the crap out of another and believing the beater is crying for help is idiotic.


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