“UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Seeks Workers’ Comp”

“A former University of California, Davis police officer who was fired after pepper spraying a group of students staging a protest in 2011, and whose actions went viral on the internet, is seeking workers’ compensation settlement, claiming the incident left him psychologically injured.” [ABC News]


  • The story does not specify what sort of psychological damage he claims to have suffered. Perhaps it is grief at having blown a job as a $2.4 kilobuck a week job as a rent-a-cop by attacking people who were just sitting there. I know that would make me sad.

  • He is psychologically injured? So he had to admit to himself that he has power issues? That he has no empathy? It’s a long list.
    Why sure, get a WC settlement. Then he can split that with the people that he really physically injured.

  • I understand that protesters and police actually negotiate treatment of illegal demonstrators. Perhaps the protestors accepted pepper spay to get good footage on news reports in lieu of being roughed up.

  • As applied to the Davis episode, William, that theory sounds to me like a bit of a stretch.

  • @Bob Lipton,

    I would be willing to bet that the psychological injury claimed is embarrassment at having his abusive, power hungry attitude exposed to the world on YouTube.