Canada: “Man ordered to pay panhandler $8,000 for discrimination”

“A Montreal man has been ordered to pay $8,000 to a panhandler after an email he wrote complaining about her presence outside a liquor store was deemed discriminatory by the province’s human rights commission. … The SAQ [Quebec provincial liquor store operator] then made the decision to share the letter with the woman, who was advised by the police to file a complaint with the commission.” [CBC]


  • Another illustration why Canada needs the USA’s First Amendment, also why government monopolies are often a bad idea.

    If Quebec’s retail liquor trade were not a government monopoly, the store would face a boycott by the non-bum elements of the population. As a monopoly with civil-service-protected employees, however, they can thumb their noses at the community.

  • By showing it to the panhandler, was not the store operator repeating this vile statement and should be held to the same standard of behavior and penalty?


  • Whar an outrage. The statement caused no harm to the derelict because it was not made to the person. The patrons if that liquor store should take their business elsewhere.