Deputy sues 911 caller after being assaulted at her home

In Harris County, Tex., sheriff’s deputy Brady Pullen responded to a 911 call placed by Camina Figueroa from her Katy, Tex. home. While on the call, Pullen was attacked and injured by a man apparently high on illegal drugs. Now Pullen is suing Figueroa, claiming she “failed to adequately warn 9-1-1 of the dangerous situation he was walking into.” [KRTK] Under the “firefighter’s rule,” which has eroded in some jurisdictions in recent years, emergency rescuers generally cannot sue private parties whose negligence is allegedly to blame for the hazards to which they are responding.

One Comment

  • When even the TV station’s legal analysis calls the suit “frivolous”, that’s a sign that the plaintiff is hoping that the homeowner’s insurer will consider a costs of defense settlement very early in the proceedings.