International human rights roundup


  • The comment from Hans Bader – or the summary – is misleading. The ECHR ( note it is not an EU court) ruled against the situation where a person would be in jail for their life without the possibility of a review. That doesn’t mean that the prisoner would be released – after review.

    It is recognised that some people can change especially after many years in prison.
    Consider an 18 year old, imprisoned for 30 years of a life sentence – if there is a possibility of remorse/redemption should thee not be a process for recognising this?

  • Rehabilitation is one reason justifying imprisonment, but it is not the only one.
    Let us consider the case of the late Jeffrey Dahmer (or for that matter, the very much alive Charles Manson).
    Suppose each is genuinely sorry, after being imprisoned for 10 years.
    Do we let them out?