School district pays private firm to monitor students’ after-hours social media

If a private employer tried to pull this kind of thing I expect there’d be an outcry:

Glendale school officials have hired a Hermosa Beach company to monitor and analyze public social media posts, saying the service will help them step in when students are in danger of harming themselves or others.

And with a private employer, you’d be there by your own choice.


  • [ ” And with a private employer, you’d be there by your own choice… ” ]


    … and just how is it that children are legally compelled to be there at all ?

    Compulsory-Attendance/Truancy-Laws directly violate U.S. Constitution (5th Amendment) and all State Constitutions.

    Supposedly in America, “no person” shall be deprived of “personal liberty” without judicial due process and conviction for individual crimes. Sentencing all children to many years in government schools (or government-controlled schools/programs) … is a blatant deprivation of liberty.

    Yawn. That Bill-of-Rights stuff is so 18th Century.

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  • Since education affects national security, maybe the NSA can help out on this one. To Harrison on “compulsory education” laws: Holmes’ dissent in Lochner is instructive