• Isn’t data point too alarmist? After all, these are executive branch agencies, and the executive branch is charged with enforcing laws passed by Congress

  • Yes, why can’t they just borrow from the FBI as needed?

  • Honestly, I knew america was in a bad way the day I looked at the web page of the Oxford, Alabama police department accidentally (oxfordpd dot org). Look at the changing header images there (though they have since removed some of the more aggressive pictures). It has nothing to do with “policing” in a friendly community oriented way and everything to do with the display of overexpensive, military style hardware and tactics. That anybody would think that this was an appropriate image for a police department has shocked me. The fact that when I show this to other americans they seem to find no problem with it shocks me even more.

    But then I look at the oxford Ms page (or, more accurately, their facebook site) and a little faith in humanity comes back.

    Still, not as good as the Oxford UK site though.

  • Empire building.
    Sort of surprised that there aren’t 73 federal agencies with their own F16s or aircraft carriers.
    I’m just waiting for the Department of Education to show off their new Bearcat.