Because there’s no legal story so depressing that it can’t get worse

United Nations “human rights expert” suggests that compliance with international human rights norms may require casting about for some way to re-prosecute George Zimmerman since the first prosecution didn’t come out as some hoped. [Volokh] As Hans Bader points out, Article 14, Section 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights forbids, as opposed to requiring, the exposure of defendants to double jeopardy.


  • I’ve never trusted the United Nations. Now that they’ve embraced the false narrative about George Zimmerman, I have complete distrust and disdain for them. Can’t they worry about civil wars, genocide, and famine, and let our court system do its job?

  • […] on Indian land claim issues. Just last week another official in the U.N. human rights apparatus upbraided the United States for hesitating to expose acquitted George Zimmerman to double jeopardy in the Trayvon Martin […]