Undocumented = unmentionable?

“An Indiana lawyer has been suspended for 30 days for a comment about the immigration status of his divorce client’s spouse in a letter sent to opposing counsel and the judge in the case.” [ABA Journal]


  • Does the term “illegal alien” appear in federal immigration laws? If so, could the Indiana Supreme Court’s order be appealed to SCOTUS?

  • The lawyer’s statement was rather blunt, and could have used more “tact.” However a careful reading and parsing, shows no threats, and no discriminatory language. I am surprised.

  • So what have we learned here?

    Political correctness trumps a common sense interpretation of the English language and the Missouri plan is no better at selecting state supreme courts judges than elections.

  • Maybe it was the implying that he was stupid because of his immigration status.

    We seem to be saying two things on here. Lawyers are running amok. We need to get them under control. And then when we control one for saying something that was clearly intended to degrade the plaintiff by suggesting that he does not understand a court order (which I’m sure his attorney explained), we complain about that