Connecticut: you can’t sue opposing lawyer for fraud

On the other hand, it seems to be open season on opponents in the Nutmeg State: lawyers will continue to enjoy “absolute immunity” from being sued by their opponents on charges of fraud. “Donna Simms [client of the lawyers in question] said she wasn’t excited about the decision because she’s been involved in court proceedings with her ex-husband for three decades and there may be more legal fights.” [Insurance Journal]

One Comment

  • In its decision, the court noted that….

    “The mere possibility of such (fraud) claims, which could expose attorneys to harassing and expensive litigation, would be likely to inhibit their freedom in making good faith evidentiary decisions and representations and, therefore, negatively affect their ability to act as zealous advocates for their clients,” Justice Peter Zarella wrote in the majority opinion.”

    That ability to act as zealous advocates for their clients includes harassing and expensive litigation aimed at non-lawyers, as well as the absolute immunity to commit fraud in court.