“Corporate personhood is not the enemy”

Law professor Kaimipono David Wenger, who’s ordinarily found on the opposite side of issues from us, explains why “Corporations aren’t people!” is a vacant slogan and when rightly understood not even a progressive one. [Concurring Opinions]


  • i inevitably get blank stares whenever i come across someone on an anti-CU rant and i inform them of the ACLU’s support of that decision and why.

  • I have a different take on the issue: if X is a right, and Y is a lawful tool, the government has no authority to prohibit the use of Y for the purpose of X. Incorporation is a tool, an abstract one. It may be lawfully employed to further religious expression, speech, press, redress of grievances, peaceable assembly, rights enumerated by statute or by the Declaration of Independence, etc.

  • My favorite response: “Greenpeace is a corporation.”

    “But…but…it’s not the same thing…”

    “Really? You’re going to prevent one group of people from creating an organization to pool their resources to make a political point, while allowing others to do it?”