“Ecuador Judge Testifies He Was Bribed to Rule Against Chevron”

“The judge, Alberto Guerra, took the stand … in Manhattan federal court during the trial in a racketeering suit in which Chevron alleged that the verdict in Ecuador was procured through fraud. Guerra has said in a declaration filed with the court that he was paid thousands of dollars by lawyers for the plaintiffs to steer the case in their favor.” A spokesman for Steven Donziger, Chevron’s adversary at the trial, calls the former jurist an “extortionist.” [Bloomberg Business Week, Christie Smythe and Paul M. Barrett; Bernard Vaughan, Reuters; earlier]

More: Roger Parloff/Fortune; earlier Bloomberg (“[Donziger’s] media campaign … helped to secure an article in Vanity Fair”).


  • Donziger’s comment calling the judge an extortionist seems like an admission that he paid the guy for a particular result.

  • How dare the judge take the money and not shut up about it. That’s soooo unfair!

    If judges won’t stay bought, then what’s the world coming to?