Hockey player’s family sues school for keeping him at J.V.

Webster, N.Y.: “The family of a former Webster Thomas hockey player has sued the school district and hockey coach for keeping him at the junior varsity level for four years ‘in spite of his advanced skills.'” [Justin Murphy, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle]


  • If, as here, you file suit and your lawyer is suspended from the practice of law, does that make you pro se, or just plain stupid?

  • Best part of the article: “The family’s lawyer, Christina Agola, was suspended from legal practice in September and did not respond to a request for comment.”

  • Clearly the legal establishment is conspiring to keep this superstar from playing varsity football. It sounds like a major congressional investigation is in order or possibly even a United Nations Human Rights Commission investigation.


  • Coaches are paid to win. No coach is going to leave a kid in JV if there is anyway that he could help him win. Exception would be if the kid’s attitude of entitlement is disruptive to the success of the team.

    Little Miss I’m To Good For Your Rules was suspended for failing to abide by scheduling order at 21 times. Sounds like these two are a perfect fit.

    Bob – this is over hockey – an activity that appears to exist solely for the enrichment of ER docs and oral surgeons.