“Mr. Abbas has used the threat of defamation litigation to counter bad press”

“A federal judge has thrown out a libel lawsuit a son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas filed last year against Foreign Policy magazine, charging that a commentary the journal published leveled unfounded allegations of corruption. … The piece was written by Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.” [Josh Gerstein/Politico, McClatchy]


  • Guess he didn’t read the part in the Travelogue that stated: “London is the home of libel tourism.”

  • Similarly, a store owner in my neck of the woods was sued for $15,000 for leaving a negative review on eBay after time clock he bought arrived in 3 pieces from 3 different models that could not be assembled to work together.

    After the seller refused to refund his money, and then appealing to eBay and getting the refund, the buyer left negative feedback.

    The wife of the seller is a lawyer and he sued for $15,000.

    After spending $6,000 of his own money, a local firm stepped up and did legal work on a contingency fee. The case was dropped but it was a the lawyers were on the way to the hearing about 6 hours away.

    The lawyers of the business owner who got put through this are now suing the seller and his spouse lawyer for $20,000 in legal bills.