Ninth-grader’s math-class placement

It’s being litigated contentiously in a Florida courtroom. After the lad got a D in an Honors algebra class and his family filed extensive protests, the school transferred him to an easier class. That generated a new grievance in turn: “He’s just not being challenged,” the “mathlete”‘s lawyer-father says now. [Orlando Sentinel]

One Comment

  • “School Board lawyer Ned Julian said he’d need two more days to put on all of his evidence. It is not clear when that will be but it likely will include more than a half-dozen school employees, who were in the courthouse hallway Wednesday waiting to testify.”

    I’m glad the School Board is sparing no expense. Because it is critical that they win this fight against tyranny.

    I think the School Board should win and it sounds like from the article they have it in the bag. But the kid wants to be in an advanced math class and has some history of success. The parents obviously want him in that class. Was this really a battle worth fighting?

    Legally, the School Board is on the right side of this and Dad, who may have good intentions, is making the wrong call in my opinion. “Sometimes, son, you get screwed over. Don’t get mad. Don’t get even. Get better.” But I think the smarter play when the school realized how much it meant to the parents and the child is just let the kid stay in the advanced class.