NY AG cracks down on fake consumer reviews

Jack Shafer has a few thoughts:

Schneiderman mustn’t neglect the product endorsement industry. Do those celebrity endorsers really love the product or service as much as they say they do? … Fake reviews on Yelp, properly considered, are Yelp’s problem, not the state of New York’s. Let the Yelp people clean up the sewer. And the attorney general? Aren’t there any genuine crimes in the state for him to investigate?


  • A few years ago the New York City council was discussing the proper standard of behavior for construction women as women walked by. It’s good to know that the City and State have reached a state in which they have nothing serious to prosecute. Time to shut down the offices.


  • Part of the problem is that the NY Attorney General has no criminal law enforcement responsibilities other than the state’s Blue Sky securities law (the Martin Act). Crime is prosecuted by county district attorneys. So it’s a challenge for the AG to find some way to get headlines, which is all they really care about.