“Owner ticketed for walking wheelchair-bound cat without leash”

“Basically, we have someone that just is not getting the fact that you have to be in control of your animal when it’s off your property,” said Capt. Bob Brown of Brevard County, Florida, Animal Services, speaking of the $230 in fines Yvonne Steel was slapped with for having an off-leash cat along with a couple of other animal offenses. “Animal services said there are no exceptions to the leash law, even for disabled animals,” and noted that one rationale for the law is that an unleashed pet might be attacked by other animals, although what help a leash would have contributed for this particular pet is not clear. [WESH] Correction/update: not so unreasonable, as commenter Nevins points out: the cat is mobile when in the wheeled device and not reliant on its mistress as I had wrongly assumed.


  • Some people just don’t get it

  • The cat is not, as the initial text might describe, in a wheelchair, but uses a hind extremity prosthesis that has wheels. The cat is freely mobile as shown in the video in the link.
    So, the citation for violation of leash law is not in any way outlandish as the articles seems to imply.

    Separate issue is whether there should be a leash law, or whether a cat should be subject to the same leash law restrictions as dogs given that cats tend to have very different behaviors than dogs. But it is clear that the citation was properly applied for the law as it seems to be written.

  • We need more leashes in our society. You kids might have behavioral problems so they should mandate that all children have leashes as well. We also can not trust any wild animals so we should create leash systems for them as well.

  • Never take your congressman outside unless he is on a leash.


  • A leash law for a cat?