Law schools roundup

  • “California AG files claim against school that hired its own students to boost employment numbers” — not a story about a law school, but it might have been [John Steele]
  • Hardly anyone took the constitutional challenge to ObamaCare seriously, at least it seems not at Yale [David Bernstein, Volokh; and speaking of law school ideology my book Schools for Misrule makes a great holiday gift]
  • Clinical legal education: “shift from service clinics to impact clinics is partly driven by clinicians’ search for status within the academy” [Margaret Drew and Andrew Morriss, SSRN]
  • Shorten law school to two years? [NYT “DealBook” on Obama comments, Jim Dedman, Abnormal Use] “UVM, Vermont Law School consider joint degree” [Burlington Free Press]
  • As “Old Media” shrinks, shouldn’t the number of law reviews do so too? [Gerard Magliocca]
  • Lighter regulation of UK law schools, and more pathways to practice? [John Flood]
  • Cleveland State law profs say “Satanic” $666 pay hike was retaliation for union activities [TaxProf]


  • I would be thrilled with a $666 pay hike!

  • Two years of law school would work just fine. The third year is mostly to squeeze another year of tuition out of students. We might consider apprenticeships, too. Maybe call that two years as well. While we’re at it, how about require law schools to teach bar material DURING PAID CLASS HOURS so they don’t have to fork over an additonal grand to BarBri, etc. How insane is it that you pay for THREE YEARS of law school tuition and THEN have to go to BarBri classes all summer — which is paid for separately! Law professors can’t lower themselves to teach the bar-tested elements of contracts? Yeesh. I’ll fantasize further: a total ban on “graduate” law degrees, like the “LLM in Taxation” that are yet another racket.