• If HUD succeeds here, they can use the existence of this facility to argue that other residences that do not provide similar accommodation to the hearing-impaired install all of the equipment and Braille signs, etc, in order to make them accessable to “all”. Lots of extra stuff gets purchased and installed, and lots of people get jobs producing, installing, and maintaining it. And it also creates more jobs for govt inspectors to make sure that it is all in place.

    France (and a lot of Europe) has been moving in this direction for a while – it is the direction that Obama wants to take the USA. As an American living in France, I can tell you that it is literally a living hell, with more mindless, unthinking, greedy, incompetent inefficient bureaucracy than you CAN imagine.

  • The truly bizarre thing with this case is that HUD approved and helped fund the building of the facility in question knowing full well that it was specifically intended for the hearing impaired.

  • Handicapped parking spaces discriminate against the non-handicapped.

  • HUD in Jackson, Ms. could not be bothered to check out the drug dealer living illegally with his girlfriend on a Sect. 8 voucher. Persons not on the lease can’t stay more than 30 days but HUD told me they don’t enforce any rules. Even after I faxed them an affidavit describing the encounter wherein he bragged he’d be living there rent free doing nothing for a year while I worked for a living and paid for it and there was nothing I could do about it (he’d been told I’d been complaining). I have loathed HUD ever since.

    And those braille signs. I first saw those on the walls of the lobby of our local jail. Still haven’t figured out how blind people are supposed to know where they are so they can read them. Yeah, I can see in an elevator where you’d feel for the buttons on either the right or left side of the door but stuck up randomly on the walls?

  • RXC, move back here. We still have room.

    I am a white male who can see and hear quite well and I have no physical handicaps. I don’t feel discrimination in my life. At all. Many similarly situated see if differently.

    This is depressing: “Cardinal Capital Management and the state Housing Department have spent $450,000 on legal fees in the past year on this dispute.”

  • @Ron

    We are moving back to the USA as soon as the house sale completes. Which is supposed to take about 2 months, waiting for the mortgage registry office to provide documentation that we do not have a mortgage any more. In the middle of a real estate slump, they take the same time to process these requests that they do when there is a boom.

    When we tell French people we are moving back, they ask why, and we explain that the “vie administrative” (administrative life) has become too much, and they ALL understand. Most of them don’t understand why we came here in the first place. ALL of them have stories about how bad it has become here.

    Any now Hollande’s popularity numbers are headed into the cellar, and everyone wonders what he is going to do. I figure he will propose some sort of exit tax on foreigners.