“NYC Council Bans Public Vaping…”

“…Because It Looks Too Much Like Smoking.” The invention and rapid spread in popularity of e-cigarettes might be seen as a sort of lab experiment to test the proposition: when you banned smoking, were you mostly concerned about the spillover effects on third parties or mostly being paternalistic toward tobacco users? [Jacob Sullum, Reason]


  • Fortunately, the City Council doesn’t look much like intelligent legislation.

    Given that governmental income (taxes, multi-state settlement, etc.) are much higher on cigarettes and that sales are down (since a lot of New Yorkers bring in cigarettes from New Jersey where they are considerably cheaper), they need to raise revenue by forcing people to smoke cigarettes. Besides, it opens up all those second-hand smoke suits. It’s a win-win!


  • Just another example of NYC government and Bloomberg McCarthyism — e.g., Jenny McCarthy-ism.

    It is apparent that Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC City Counsel are motivated to prevent Ms. McCarthy from moving there. There was the ill-fated ban on containers over 16 oz. Why else would such be banned, except to ban hers (singlely or together)? If she moved the NYC, her son would have to be vaccinated to attend school. She would have to remain clothed (at least in public). And, now, banning vaping — one of her latest endeavors. The evidence is clear that Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC City Counsel are motivated to keep the star such cinema Yle Tide classics as “Santa Baby” from moving to the Big Apple. Such is the state of government nanny-ism in Gotham.