“We call it ‘Sixty Minutes’ legislation”

“It’s too early, but I’m sure there will be something,” he said. “We call it ‘Sixty Minutes’ legislation – something happens and legislation is introduced.” — Maryland Del. Joseph Vallario, Jr., chair of the House Judiciary Committee in the state legislature, on prospects for the introduction of new legislation following the murder of two skateboard store employees at the Mall in Columbia. [Washington Post] As of Sunday police had not assigned a motive to the slayer, who killed himself at the scene.


  • “lawmakers could find that new legislation is not be warranted in this case.”

    technically I guess, but I’ve never seen a politician who doesn’t make use of every opportunity to scream for more laws, more regulations, more taxes to pay for it all, more power to the government.

  • Look, all the laws in the world would not have prevented this, the kid had no priors or psych problems as far as I know. Even if there had been somebody armed there, as far as I know it *still* would not have prevented the kid from shooting at least one person to death. But I wasn’t there.

    Unfortunately this “crisis”, too, will not be “wasted”.