Great moments in legal argument

Australia: “Lawyer argues Kevin Spratt may have been screaming in ‘joy’ while being tasered by police: A lawyer for two police officers says the court cannot rule out the possibility that a man was screaming with joy when he was being repeatedly tasered at the Perth Watch House more than five years ago.” [ABC] One never knows what will work in these cases: a jury in Orange County, Calif. recently acquitted two officers in the death of homeless schizophrenic Kelly Thomas, though it is not clear whether they accepted the suggestion of a defense lawyer that Thomas beat himself to death in police custody.


  • If the victim of the taser was expressing “joy and laughter”, why did the police enhance his pleasure 12 more times? The officers should be fired for pleasuring a person they were supposed to subdue because he was acting violently.

  • Just like police unions express joy when pay cuts are proposed.

  • Coming next to disneyworld. Super laser xtreme taser experience. Queues around the block.
    He should feel lucky they didnt charge him. (taser….charge…see what i did there?)