January 3 roundup

  • Taxpayers on hook: “N.J. boy left blind and brain-damaged after being beaten by father awarded $166M by jury” [Newark Star-Ledger]
  • “Psychic Love Spell Center stole my money, lawyer alleges in lawsuit” [Houston; ABA Journal]
  • “You can’t win these suits… Move on with your life.” Good advice for someone falsely accused of rape? [Roxanne Jones, CNN]
  • Critical look at California judge’s lead paint ruling [Daniel Fisher/Forbes, earlier here, here]
  • $6 check and apology over “F-word”: “Pub owner’s sarcastic response to Starbucks cease-and-desist letter goes viral” [ABA Journal]
  • Suburb doesn’t want to accept public transit, but feds force its hand by use of controversial disparate impact theory [Dayton Daily News]
  • Randy Barnett: libertarianism as a vehicle for moderation, toleration and social peace [Chapman Law Review/SSRN; one of my favorite academic papers from last year]

One Comment

  • First, anyone stupid enough to pay money to a psychic or astrologer deserves to lose their money as anyone with an IQ of 50 knows astrology and psychicness is 100%BS. Second, I strongly encourage men falsely accused of rape to use every legal means available to go after their accusers, to deter others from filing false charges, who do so often for purposes of extortion. Also, it is time that DAs start prosecuting those filing false rape charges though I understand that would anger influential feminists. Third, the $166 million verdict in New Jersey is grossly excessive; the real way to stop kids from being beaten is to fire the caseworkers who fail to do their jobs. Finally, I believe the whole theory of disparate impact is essentially fraudulent and tends to deny due process to entities facing lawsuits based on it; defendants basically have to prove themselves innocent.