Labor and employment roundup

  • Labor Department wants to shut down consignors-as-volunteers consignment-sale business plan [Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Sean Higgins/Examiner]
  • Operating Engineers Local 17: “Legality of union violence at heart of court case” [Buffalo News]
  • Alternative to “Ban the Box”: revisit extent to which old convictions stay on the books [Eli Lehrer; Baltimore Sun on municipal proposal]
  • Human capital investment by women has narrowed gender pay gap, desire for time flexibility crucial in explaining what remains [Tyler Cowen on Claudia Goldin paper]
  • Carl Horowitz on UAW push to organize VW in Chattanooga [Capital Research Center]
  • Seyfarth Shaw’s 10th annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report [Seyfarth, Daniel Fisher]
  • Sixth Circuit: transfer can count as adverse action even when employee had previously requested it [Jon Hyman]


  • Let me see if I have this right. It was LEGAL for union members to take a shot at me and firebomb my car in 1989.

  • The real reason why females make less money than males is the courses of study they follow in college and grad school. Very few females major in engineering, the hard sciences or accounting compared to their male counterparts and it is these fields that pay the most. However, a disproportionate percentage of those who major in sociology, poetry, anthropology, art history and the like are female and these degrees have minimal economic value. As the old joke goes: What do you call an English Lit major? Waitress.