“New Work: ‘Coyote v. Acme'”

We’ve mentioned Ian Frazier’s classic humor piece on the product liability suit filed by the hapless Wile E. Coyote against the Acme Corporation, purveyor of perennially disappointing bombs, anvils, rocket sleds, and other contraptions. Now “Pentagram’s Daniel Weil has reimagined designs for five of these gadgets, rendered as a series of highly detailed technical diagrams.” One reason the failure-to-warn element of the suit may be shaky: “The Coyote, like most males, never reads the instructions.” [Pentagram]

One Comment

  • “The Coyote, like most males, never reads the instructions.”

    What a sexist comment, in that, in terms of cartoon anatomy, W. Coyote appears lacking any suggestion of maleness (especially, keeping in mind, that even real canines aren’t “endowed” in the Playmate of the Month sense). Perhaps W. Coyote is a Metrosexual Varmit; or, perhaps, W. Coyote is undergoing gender identity selection procedures and so W. Coyote is in a transformational state in which outer self does not yet match inner self; or, perhaps W. Coyote is, after many humiliations by a bird, suffering from Advanced Castration Complex. There are no reasons to assume or project upon W. Coyote “maleness”.