Who decides which distressing speech ought to be made illegal?

Once again, a law professor has stepped up to inform us that we need to join much of Europe in attaching legal penalties to hurtful speech. This time one patient refutation comes from Michael Moynihan [Daily Beast] The idea is about as fresh and new as sleeve garters, notes Jonathan Rauch [Volokh/WaPo] Further rebuttal from Ken at Popehat and Scott Greenfield.


  • Who decides?

    Why, the Czar for Hurt Feelings, of course.

    I’m sure this agency could be created and provide employment for at least a few thousand university and law school grads currently living in their mother’s basements.


  • Why, the Czar for Hurt Feelings, of course.

    It took more than a few thousand engineers and scientists to close the missile gap. How many law school grads will it take to close the czar chasm?