A flawed IDEA

Author Philip K. Howard, who’s begun more regular blogging in connection with his forthcoming book The Rule of Nobody, wonders where the Congressional leader can be found with the courage to take on the failings of IDEA, the special-education law. [Common Good]


  • “America’s special ed system is not just unwise, or inefficient, or absurdist. It is immoral. It is immoral not in its broad goals, but in its implementation. It is immoral to give disabled students a Rolls-Royce budget and give all other students what’s left over. It is immoral to treat grieving parents as bureaucratic boxes on a checklist.”

    Howard nails it. That God SOMEONE out there gets this. Unfortunately, it’s just too subtle an issue for people to get riled up over, and the “special ed” lobby drips tears all over the place, so the common good must die.

  • Every child has special needs. The only way to acccomodate all of them is to have parents select and pay for schools that support their particular needs.