Florida: revenge on larcenous lawyers

“Patrick Coulton’s lawyers ripped him off to the tune of $275,000 and left him to rot in prison.” But few stories end this way: he’s living in one of the former lawyers’ houses. [Sun-Sentinel, auto-plays video]


  • Although I’m glad his attorney were punished for their behavior, I think it sets a horrible precedent transferring property from a US citizen to a foreign national who is also a drug dealer. Mr. Coulton should have been deported after his sentence, not given a house.

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  • This is really a promotion for John Grisham’s next book, right? 🙂

  • Foreign national? the only reference i can see says he’s from South Florida, and that’s not even in the attached articles.
    Also, according to the articles, he was convicted of smuggling drugs, not dealing drugs…

    And thirdly, as the lawyers are claiming poverty, surely all their assets would be stripped and sold anyway. If Mr Coulton has decided that he would like the house, surely that’s just skipping out the middleman and making restitution quicker. (And they it would cover a greater part of the debt than any foreclosure sale)