“Mailman who sold undelivered coupons on eBay sues JCPenney”

Queens, N.Y.: “A mailman who admitted making about $35,000 selling undelivered coupons wants $25 million-plus from JCPenney for blowing the whistle on his scheme. … it was unclear if Tang still works as a letter carrier.” [New York Post]


  • If they are in a trash bin to be destroyed, he has every right to take it. I now think less of J.C. Penney than I used to and I’m sure that they will go under according to a recent article I read.

  • @cromaxgal
    They might have been in a trash bin, but it was likely a Federal trash bin, on Federal property under the control of the USPS, with regulations about how the trash should be disposed of and who owned it up until the point of being finally discarded into a public trash receptacle.

    When I drop a file into the round file at work, it is not the same as putting the file on the curb at the public right of way. Those files are private property until my employer moves things outside the sphere of corporate control.

  • @cromaxgal:
    There is that small matter of the guilty plea to misdemeanor petty larceny (a plea deal down from a felony charge) which distinguishes this case from typical dumpster diving. Perhaps the NYC DAs need to include a “no suit” clause in their plea agreements.