• If he wants to go on a hunger strike and starve himself to death, so much the better.

  • In addition to decent interior decoration, good coffee and fresh butter, doesn’t every soi-disant human rights activist need the best first person shooter games to stay in practice for human rights activism?

    A man’s got to know his limitations.

  • I feel there should be a direct link to this earlier story about Breivik.



  • He may be crazy, but I think in this case he is playing them. He knows that they are so concerned about not violating his “human rights”, regardless of the fact that he is a mass murderer, he can make as many outrageous demands as he likes and they will cave in to him. When he is dealing with fools, there is no reason why he must act rational.

  • Thanks, Bob, I should have included that earlier story and have now added a link.