NY lawmakers: your parenting skills could use enhancement

A bill introduced by three members of the New York Senate would require parents of schoolchildren to attend four workshops aimed at sharpening their “parenting skills,” as a condition for their kids’ advancing to the seventh grade. I’ve got details in a new post at Cato at Liberty (& Patheos’s Terry Firma).


  • Pass this and the next step will be mandatory courses in order to even have children.

  • Time to bail from New York!

  • Seventh grade is too late! For the child as well as the parent(s)!

    Many parents don’t have any reading or math skills of their own. When they enroll the child in pre-K, they should test the parent(s) and make them go to remedial school.

    This is not a civil rights issue. It’s a human rights issue.

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  • Or,
    Test them before they even have children!
    If they fail….sterilization!

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