“The plot to make Big Food pay”

“Lawyers are pitching state attorneys general in 16 states with a radical idea: make the food industry pay for soaring obesity-related health care costs. … So far none have agreed to sign on.” One hope: the theory popularized by former FDA chief David Kessler that bacon, brownies and buttered popcorn should be seen as “addictive.” Paul McDonald, a Chicago lawyer who is organizing the campaign, is described as a former “senior counsel at Kraft Foods.” [Helena Bottemiller Evich, Politico]


  • Of course they want to do this; they’ll get a third of the money. It’ll drive up the price of food for they rest of us. The states will squander their share of any money like they did with the smoking money.

  • Eventually we will reach an equilibrium state where everyone has sued everyone else and there’s no one left to be sued.