• There’s an old joke about an old maid attending church. She sits there, dipping snuff and crying Hallelujah during the pastor’s Hell-and-Brimstone sermon against sins like drink and cigars. The the pastor mentions snuff-dipping and she sits up, straight as a washboard. “Now he’s gone too far!”

    That’s how I feel about Harvard and their worrying about the attack on academic freedom. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to light up a cigar and have a drink.


  • For only 60K+ a year you too can go to Harvard and display your ignorance to the world. Maybe if Harvard wouldn’t allow student’s to major in such fields as “studies of women, gender and sexuality” they wouldn’t attract people who are incapable of thought. However someday she will make a good commissar in some progressive country. Hopefully that will not be the U.S.

  • “studies of women, gender and sexuality”

    Richard, isn’t that what nearly every guy goes to college to study?

    Glad it wasn’t my major, since, despite much time and effort, I probably would have flunked.

  • Best comment was the one that asked if this was cross-posted on The Onion.

  • “I would like a Critique of The Patriarchal Oppression Of Women in the Workforce, please. Oh, and some gravy on my fries, too, thanks.”