• So imaginary weapons are banned by the imaginary judgment of imaginary administrators.

    And people say our schools don’t promote imagination!


  • you pretend to teach us, and we pretend to learn

    Likely is more to the story, such as kid was goofing off, and the teacher needed some objective reason to toss the case to administration. Yet another example of how schools are less able to deal with normal kids behaving normally; this one will be on ADDH drugs soon if the parents know what’s good for them (per the administration).

  • Prediction: mathematically precocious kid expelled for illustrating the right hand rule for calculating vector product directions.

  • right hand rule

    or the left hand rule for conventional (proton) current flow

  • Am I the only one who will stay up nights wondering what “level 2” means and what other levels there are?

  • David,

    Five I’m guessing, it appeared from the pix that the boy only had five fingers. I would have been a level one, ’cause that’s the number of digits I would have waved in the school marm’s face for indicating that she was a level one idiot.