• NPR link goes to CBC article, as does the CBC link.

  • Thanks for catching, fixed now.

  • Everybody wants a magic bullet, some single act which will inoculate them against disease.
    Seems we are back to the basics of Michael Pollan (eat food, mostly plants, not too much) and Richard Simmons (get off that couch and sweat baby) as the path to wellness. Nobody want to hear that it takes a total makeover of lifestyle.

  • There is really no such thing as a food that is “bad for you”. Only bad diets.

  • Woohoo, prosciutto and bacon are back in. Unfortunately pasta and bread are still out.

    I find it funny that NPR chose to quote a non-scientist vegan on her opinions of the study.

    I am personally waiting on the study that says copious amounts of cheese in an aerosol can and bourbon are good things.

  • Bourbon is most definitely a good thing. Whether it happens to benefit one’s physical health, as opposed to merely making life more enjoyable, is matter with which I’ve never concerned myself.

  • @Jazzizhep & DEM:

    Obviously you should be following boozebrackets.com — a March Madness for those who follow Bourbon and other spirits, as well as stouts and ales. Ancient athletes can follow sweaty, fit youngsters as they run up and down the court. I prefer to personally participate in an activity in which pushed back in my recliner and I can judge the merits of fine quality refreshments, after returning from court.