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    ‘parenting classes”…due to proven[after i was charged] lies told by police and cps i was forced to take parenting classes before even going to trial[ you know..guilty until proven innocent] it was the most insulting stupid liberal crap you ever heard.. you were outright told you didn’t have the first clue hoe to raise a child. according to them childre should have no chores, be allowed to eat when ever they wanted should be driven to friends at their whim and basically waited on hand and foot brcause my only purpose in life was to be there for my kids. i was actually told my refusal to quit my job[which i have to pay the bills, not “fulfil myself] was bad parenting, after all i could go on welfare. i can’t imagine now being told to attend lectures by probably childless experts how to raise my kids.

  • Re: Can she consent to sex after drinking:

    What is the definition of “enthusiastic and continuous”? Must it be a chant–do it, do it, do it, do it, ad infinitum–and if there is a ten second pause, it turns into rape? Should there be a requirement that the “enthusiastic and continuous” agreement be recorded on a tape recorder? (Or, even if not required, should a man record it to protect himself?)

    What standard should be used for non-students who hang out at bars after work and want to engage in casual sex? And how about married couples? Husbands can rape wives, must wives also demonstrate enthusiastic and continuous consent throughout the event?

    What about single sex encounters in college; should “continuous and enthusiastic” apply to them?

  • Trigger warning:

    Articles on the epidemic of trigger warnings in college curricula may trigger spontaneous vocalizations in persons afflicted with the belief that those engaged in a course of study leading to a baccalaureate degree should be capable of exhibiting at least a pretense to rationality.

    These vocalizations may range in severity from “Gimme a break!” to “Get a freakin’ life!” or worse. Suggested therapies include belief modification. Medical authorities suggest that “I believe I’ll have another beer” can offer temporary relief, but caution against becoming habituated to this therapy.

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