Additional Bundy Ranch thought

I will not say I told you so for fear of coming off as ungracious, but Coyote has no such compunction:

I could find about a thousand far more sympathetic examples of folks screwed over by government land use regulations — e.g. people whose puddle in the backyard is suddenly a wetlands that they can’t build on. But for some reason Conservatives all rushed to pile on this one example. Stupid.

Only a thousand?


  • However sympathetic he is symbolically, his legal claims are not good. And his legal acumen isn’t much beyond the median pro se defendant (actually, much lower).

  • “Conservatives all rushed to pile on this one example” — Rushing to a conclusion here. Some conservatives yes, by no means all or even most. I saw crackpot from the start.

  • I hear that John Hancock guy was involved in smuggling. And that a bunch of his buddies were tax scofflaws.

    I bet Coyote has been on to them for some time too.