Buffalo Bills to pay nominal $3 million for sending text messages

“The Buffalo Bills have agreed to pay up to $3 million – largely in the form of debit cards redeemable only at the team store – to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the team of sending too many alerts to fans who signed up for a text-messaging service.” Plaintiff Jerry Wojcik contended “that the team violated the terms of its text service by sending him 13 messages over two weeks when it promised to send no more than five per week. … He claimed in his suit that the extra texts violated the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and he sought statutory damages of $500 per excessive message for negligent violations and up to $1,500 per message for willful violations.” His lawyers will pocket $562,500. [Buffalo News]


  • “His lawyers will pocket $562,500. ”

    We can safely assume this part is in cash – – not “in the form of debit cards redeemable only at the team store.”

    Seems fair, considering the severity of the offenses. Once again Justice is served cold. Or something.

  • @ John:
    So, Justice is Vichyssoise, eh?

  • . . . or something.