Chicago judge ruled legally insane wants to be restored to bench

Not an April Fool’s: we’ve covered the saga of Judge Cynthia Brim in two earlier posts. Chicago voters re-elected her to the bench despite troubles which eventuated in a successful defense to misdemeanor battery charges on the ground of insanity. [Chicago Tribune, auto-plays annoyingly]


  • Surely Brim’s return would be automatic under the Americans with Disabilities Act unless, of course, the legal profession has exempted itself from the law’s strictures. As others have mentioned in earlier postings about Brim’s shenanigans, the appropriate Bar Associations find nothing in a judge who alternates between catatonia and long rants from the bench worth curbing. I guess it makes for more appeals.


  • So we know Judge Brim was declared legally insane at the time she assaulted a deputy by [we must assume] a non-insane court.

    Thus we may also suppose it’s possible that she has been – and will be again – legally insane at the time of any of her decisions.

    But what does that matter? It seems apparent that the Chicago voters who re-elected her don’t care if this judge is insane. Why not reward them with the insane judge of their choice? At least they had a choice.

    And former Judge Brim is not so insane as to give up an $182,000-per-year salary without a fight. Cheese, maybe she’ll even assault another deputy.

    I’m getting my popcorn now.

  • Here’s her psychiatrist’s justification for why she should be returned to the bench:

    “There are heart surgeons who have the same diagnosis and operate on patients all day long,” he said.

    That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…

  • I suppose Brim’s attorney, “who wouldn’t lie to the court” actually knows the insane heart surgeon because this physician has been sued for malpractice, no?

    Or do you believe insanity runs rife in surgical departments because the patients are all anesthetized?