Equalizing the boys’ and girls’ athletic fields…

…by tearing down the newly built seating on the boys’ side, provided by voluntary parent contributions. What’s important is that things be equalized, and someone had filed a Title IX complaint. “The seating was also not handicapped accessible.” [Plymouth, Mich.; MyFoxDetroit]


  • A perfect Procrustean solution!

  • What kind of person is so petty that they contact the Dept of Education and lodge a complaint concerning new seats at a baseball field?

  • They aren’t even new; they’re six years old. I feel horrible for those six seasons of softball that the [gender redacted for sake of equality]s’ teams had to endure with only standard bleacher seating for their fans.

    It reminds me of that old joke about the Russian who got one wish. He was figuring out whether to wish for fame or fortune. Then the Genie told him a rule he had almost forgotten: whatever the guy wishes for, his neighbor gets as well. So the guy immediately says, “Gouge out one of my eyes!”