• What we want people to think: “Wow, even the people who champion this regulation think it’s too strong once they experience it!”

    What people will actually think: “Bah, he’s just a rich jerk like all the rest of ’em, maybe he pretended to be on our side but he really wasn’t.”

  • George McGovern experienced the same post-political revelation when he bought an inn and convention facility in Connecticut. http://www.inc.com/magazine/19931201/3809.html

  • Hmmmmm. Bonior retired in 2003 after spending “most of his career in government service,” the last 26 years in the House of Representatives. Congressional salaries in 2003 were about $155,000. Now Mr. Bonior owns two DC restaurants and a house on Capitol Hill as well as one on the Chesapeake Bay. Mighty nice “gummint work,” if you can get it. And the folks in Washington wonder why nobody back home trusts Congress. I think I know a reason.

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