• This kind of thing is all too common (and, to my mind, a very silly way to prepare witnesses). I once had a seasoned executive respond to my question “did you have an office at the company” by asking me “what do you mean by office?” He thought he was being clever but he did me a big favor — it was easy to turn the tables on him for giving such a silly answer.

  • This doesn’t hold a candle to a former President disputing the meaning of the word “is”.

  • In my mind the real question is if the witness is really so obtuse that he doesn’t understand the meaning of the questioning. Is his reasoning so entrenched that he cannot make connections relating other terms to the definition of a photocopier? It shows the Peter Principle in action if true.

    I see that in the previous coverage of this subject a comment appears stating that this sounded just like “Who’s On First”. That pretty much covers it all.